Allen Scott

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Florida State Prison
7819 NW 228 Street
Ratified, FL 32026

                                            S.O.S. For Rescue!

  The noonday sun beams relentlessly. And I cling to the debris of hope. The undercurrent of misery tugs at my mental psyche. And I've been adrift for what seems like eons.
  The only expectations I can conjure up for survival is this S.O.S. Works.
  This frigid water is a contrast to the heat. And with no careen to sip from with the liquid fluid of understanding, my mind becomes parched, an the soul is dehydrated. Thoughts swing in a pendulum motion from yore to present. Fear of delirium is eminent. Nostalgia churns in my cranium of the times I was smothered with T.L.C. and rocked in a cradle of affection, blanketed in quilts woven an emotionally stitched with love. How I yearn longingly to be cloaked in the fabric of compassion.
  My S.O.S. Sends the longitude an latitude to coordinates of this individual whose in a trauma induce state peril. Send the coastguard cutter of friendshi, and throw a life preserver of comradeship. Tow me in, and extend your flask , so that I may sip of sympathy and compassion. Let the warmth of your presence resuscitate me back to life. You are the captain of your vessel. You alone have the power to pull me from being stranded in this dark mental bleak drarr abyss.

Birthday: 2-13-69
Gender: Male
Race: Black & Indian
Weight: 182 LBS
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Convicted of Robbery
Release Date: Life
Seeking , romance with women✅ Just friends ✅
  Please introduce yourself to potential friends!!

Est: 5/27/15 - Exp: 5/27/16