Dan Shipp JR.

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PO Box 340

 Hello World, it's Dan I'm looking for a pen pal but "Women Only Please". First and foremost God Bless You. I'm looking for a truthful and faithful friend. A person with a mind of her own; plus a down to earth person also. It doesn't matter if you are slim/ heavy or big bone-it. I love all types of women. Now a little about myself. I am a strong believer in God. I have a beautiful personality. Love to cook, clean and have fun with a nice friend also. I'm "not" that dreamer type of person; my mother raised me better than that. I'm 5'8 and 200 pounds, with pretty hazel eyes. A dark skin brother with a ball fade. I enjoy all kinds of movies, plus going to nice places and restaurants that are peaceful and quiet. I've been in prison since 2011, but I get released in 2018. My life has changed for the best. I have "no" one writing me but my family. Just have a son in college, and one grandson is 2 years old. My strong side is drug free and always reading the word. I was born in Chicago as Chi-town, but raised up in Milwaukee WI. My life is change for the best, old friends are out of my life and I'm looking for new ones. I love to keep things real with people, playing games or telling lies is not my style. " Keep things honest"  My goals are to get more schooling and to open a cooking business for healthy foods. To find the right beautiful women who can live these dreams with. Sweet Love and Blessing to all. Dan

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