Jeremy Decoteau

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PO Box 5911
Sioux Falls, SD 57117

     Hey you,
                First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate the thoughtful intent.
  I'm chill in' at this desk here with both an open mind and heart. Life's journey been a crazy roller coaster ride. I've endured a few more scars than the average and overtime its armored me up in ice. Its hardened me up, but to my demise because I ended up on a fast rough path lost along the way. Now after living a lonely nine year convict lullaby I've found myself. I've released my childish ways and became a better built, more complete man.
  What I'm searching for here is a woman to accompany me thru these bars and to the stars. I'm a dreamer obviously, am a great conversationalist and have a warm sense of humor so I'm sure we'll laugh plenty:) if you're feeling down I'll figure out a remedy to lift you up. Sunshine don't always come from the sun!! Acquaintance to friends?? Know here you're in the presence of a good man definitely.. I'm not on some BS. I'm genuine so... Stranger let's be friends and be honest!!
   That said here's more of me. Six foot, brown eyes, 35 years, Gemini, rock in' both a halo and horns * devious grin*, energetic, artistic, half Native American ( Lakota Sioux) half Caucasian from here in South Dakota, raised amongst females it's been instilled to respect women extra. I'm fun, nice, love tattoos and have many which portrays a thug gentleman style appearance. From within I'm searching for a better life beyond these walls. And I'm seriously cravin' some typa' womanly embrace. Age is irrelevant and race or location. Beauty comes in many shades, shapes, styles and it especially lies beyond the shell like an M&M ;)
   Hopefully I'll hear from you very soon. And just invade curiosity lingers, I'm not incarcerated for any perverted BS. I regretfully assaulted a police officer causing my freedom to be assaulted with a three strikes type 35 year number(Parole 2033). Unfortunately I still have a broad distance until I'm free again, but my mind is strong like Hercules:) I ain't afraid to flex, when I love I protect. I'm an alph to the core, but I'm also missing a piece to the puzzle. I'm attracted to shyness, but also aggression and passion. I miss a woman affection something fierce!! My hope here... An immaculate script, a solid friendship, smiles-fire-relentless.

                                                                                                                                 Sincerely Me,
                                                                                                                                Jeremy ( Jay-D)

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