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PO Box 305
Jonesville, VA 24263

Hello!  My name is Steve. I am a single guy who is looking to make some new friends.  I am college educated, energetic, active, open minded, laid back and drama free. I like to smile and laugh and see others do the same.

Some of my many interests include sports, music, reading, fixing things, cooking, playing soft ball, playing basketball and exercising regularly.

I have made mistakes in life. I am trying to learn from them and move on. Hopefully though positive personal changes and new friends I can do that.

I will write to anyone, anywhere. Regardless of your race, age, ethnicity, gender or beliefs. If you write to me, I will write you back.

Being in Federal prison I can write you, call you, or email you; whichever way is best for you. Just send me all your information.

I know there is someone out there who could use a friend as much as I could. So don’t wait, get in touch with me today and let’s get to know each other. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I look forward to hearing from each and every person who takes the time to write me. At the very least we each can gain a friend. Who knows where it could lead us. I’m open to any and all possibilities.

So come on, let’s share some smiles and laughs and get to know each other. I’m ready, are you?
Take care and God Bless!

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