Nyka O'Connor

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Suwannee Correctional Institution
5964 US Highway 90
Live Oak, FL 32060

  Kindly close your eyes and visualize my pen writing each line. Do you see our hearts and minds melting onto the heat of love divine? Are individual beings two different forms of one supreme soul? As actors in the game of life, do we play a different role? Are we joining our minds and hearts by writing one another? When two rivers merge into the ocean , can you tell one from the other? Pretend we were one soul, but look separate bodies to make two; Now looking forward to our hearts and minds reuniting, patiently awaiting mail from you.

  Greetings friends,
 Hope you're in best of health threefold in body, mind, and spirits. I'm a B/M, born 2/12/80, 6 feet tall, 175 lbs, athletic built, black hair, brown eyes; certified computer technician, paralegal and carpenter; offering my friendship. While in college, was arrested, tried acquitted, and retried; violating Double Jeopardy. Though incarcerated, I'm enduring life's sweet and sour  paths, that amount to a balanced experience, i.e. the best teacher. Presently , the balance point is where our thoughts connect, with you outside, and me inside. In society, I was like the speedy gonzalez cartoon; I liked the fast life; though I slowed down when messaging my lady's feet. Like exercising, yoga, poetry, reading and esotericism. Upon release, I intend to start college, a business, and a family. Kindly include a P. O. Box or snail mail address when responding. Welcome ALL responses; keys to unlock friendships.  Thanks.

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