Rodney Munnerlyn

Posted by Prisonissues Prisonissues

Southport Correctional Facility
PO Box 2000
Pine City, NY 14871

  Hello Ladies,
     This advertisement is for anyone who is looking for a supportive friendship and Penpal buddy. (Females Only)
     Below is a list of things you should know:

I'm a great catch because:

1) I've never been married and I'm big on family.
2) I'm dependable, supportive, loyal, and trustworthy.
3) If I'm with you (couple), we're going to have a great time.
4) I strive to be a phenomenal guy with everything I do in life.

Things  I seek in a female/relationship:

1) A perfect partner who loves building as a team player.
2) A female who loves God, and loves herself.
3) A female who can make me feel special even at my lowest point in life.
4) I'm looking for a female with great personality.

Note: All independent Ladies/ single Ladies, may write me directly at the address above for a faster response.

Est: 5/19/15 - Exp: 5/19/16