William Drummond

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Western Correctional Center
2500 Rt 99 Soutg
Mt. Sterling, IL 62353

  Hello Ladies,
                       My name is William, I'm searching for a "plus-size woman with a warm heart of gold", from the age of acting like a women, to the age of being a women. A woman who does not fear of being herself, as well as caring less of how or what the next person feel about her! Let that be my dessert :). Seriously, I just want to correspond with a down to earth woman who is 100% genuine, non-judge mental, open-minded, and likes to take chances. If your that woman, then please feel free to drop me a few good lines. Now, allow me to introduce myself: My name is William Drummond, I'm 45 yrs young:). Born April 26,1970. I'm 5'8, 205 lbs. I guess that you can say, I'm built like an "Oscar", yes that gold statuette! I have brown eyes, I'm bald headed, brown complexion with a salt and pepper beard. As of now, I'm currently in the hands of the law for possession of bullets, but I'll be back in society next year (2016). Hopefully, my situation will not interfere with the chance of us becoming friends, pen-pals, or even the very best of friends. Well, I don't have anything else to say, but if you want to know more about me, my address is listed above. Hope to hear from you soon.


Est: 5/19/15 - Exp: 5/19/16