William Murphy

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FCI Marianna
PO Box 7007
Marianna,FL 32447

  I'm a God fearing man. I'm not perfect but, good intentions. Back in 2009, I was sentenced to 117 months. At this point of my life (11/14/14) I have give or take 2 years.
  I've used my time productively. My thinking & everyday way of life has changed for the best in me. Now I think about God, my family (mother & son), working, my hobby ( leather crafting) and having a strong relationship and future with a compatible companion (Lady). Sorry fellas I'm not gay.
  I have my mother by my side which, I thank God for, However, I'm lonely.  I have very little financial support but, I don't mind writing letters. I'll take that time to write or email any time of the day.
  I enjoy being active with that special someone. The mention of a few is; cooking, R&B and Gospel music, swimming, fishing, bowling, billiards & movies (Home or in Theaters).
  I'm spontaneous, candid, loyal, honest, a provider, protector, good listener and a comforter. To make it short & sweet, I'm good for the heart. All I ask for in return is for that special lady to meet me half way. Be honest with me, a little support and believe in me and my goals. Thank you for your time.

Age: 35
Hometown: Mobile, AL
Height: 6'4
Weight: 227 lbs

Est: 11/25/14 - Exp: 11/25/15