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— by Vongina Brooks Vongina Brooks
goodmorning .i message u before and u didnt answer back.i know u are a married man.Irvin we been friends for too long to stop now.i respect ur better half or whatever it is.i want ur friendship.nechi graduated and leave for army august i can focus on our friendship.nothing else matters ,i woke up this morning i had a dream that u were here and another young lady pulled up next to us and she were very upset.she wanted trouble ,i told her irvin just gt out and it was plenty of u to go around.just wait her turn.i also told her that i will never go away sou will always see my with it.i told her neither menor,your wife will be able to stop him.i even ask who r u ?  anyway jyst a dream.Irvin miss u.(so badly that i can taste u again and feel u throughout my body) give me a call706-761-4902( 2347 pye ave ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄XOXO