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      My name is Vincent. I'm 30 years old who's seeking companionship. I'm very passionate, loyal, very easily please, appreciative and sincere. I love to listen , inspire, and motivate. I need a woman who's strong minded, independent, content, and don't mind opening up and sharing her life and time with me. I need quality not quantity! Your inner beauty will define your outer beauty. In order to build a relationship, I feel as if you must first learn the true meaning of friendship. A friendship isn't a privilege it's a bond. A unbreakable bond with no boundaries of care and concern with a sense of understanding and communication. So when you find that special someone you acknowledge them the good, the bad. An appreciate and cherish each an every moment. Now if you're open and willingly to build a companionship that may possibly reach great heights, them by all means I'm 4 you!! An you're 4 me..

                                            Hope to hear from you soon 😄..

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